SHELLEY HOBBS (Book & Lyrics)

Born in Winnipeg, raised in Thunder Bay, Shelley lives in Toronto on the same street as Rob and Stephanie and Tammy. She works as a lawyer for a government agency that assists mentally incapable adults. Shelley is married to the lovely and talented Joan Jamieson who has yet again made Shelley’s dreams come true. Playwriting is a passion that has been rekindled in her life in the past four years. Shelley’s play A Good Death was selected for the Screaming Weenie Theatre’s Clean Sheets Festival of new works in Vancouver in August, 2009 – it’s going to be a busy summer! Shelley thanks Rob for his patience, his musical genius, and the introduction of “fuckity fuck fuck” to her vocabulary. Shelley plays right wing in the Bill Bolton Women’s League and the Women’s Hockey Club of Toronto, and is forever indebted to the skills classes taught by the late Dave McMaster.